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about us

Purchasing New Security System services from Computer Alarm will allow us to provide you with the Highest Security while customizing the system to you. Need additional protection? We can upgrade your existing system and monitor it too!


The original founding family owns and operates Computer Alarm with a steadfast resolution to continue to offer exceptional service and monitoring at a fair price.

Specializing in Honeywell Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, IP Cameras, and Access Control.


Call us at 706-354-1727

Office Hours 9-5 M-F


Frequently asked questions

  • How do I reset my alarm?
    Enter the 4 digit code + 1 to silence the alarm. Enter the 4 digit code + 1 again to clear the alarm.
  • My alarm went off, but why didn't I get a call from the central station?"
    If it was a false alarm and you were able to turn off the alarm within 1 minute, the central station will disregard the alarm.
  • How do I change my alarm code or call list?
    send an email to Rebecca at Most codes can be changed remotely along with any changes to your call list.
  • How long after a quote is approved can I expect work to start?
    Work typically begins the same week or at your earliest convenience. If additional equipment is required, work will begin as soon as the equipment arrives.
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