Purchasing New Security System services from Computer Alarm will allow us to provide you with the Highest Security while customizing the system to you. Need additional protection? We can upgrade your existing system and monitor it too! Current Home Alarm System rates start at $17 per month.

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Our High Security Radio Network provides redundant Supervision of your system and a fast, direct link between your alarm and Our Local Central Station.

Telephone lines can fail due to your lines being cut. Burglars sometimes use "cell phone blockers" to disable most backup communications systems. Communications can also fail due to Weather, Accidents, Equipment Malfunction, and Natural Disasters.

Don't be left with no outside communication during an emergency. Take advantage of our High Security private radio network.



Computer Alarms High Speed Private Radio Network provides the fastest, most secure multiple path link between your alarm system and our UL Central Station.

Your alarm signals reach the central station in two seconds or less on average. Compare that with 30 to 60 seconds for most telephone and cellular technologies! The secure status of the wireless connection is checked continually over the active network.

Radio communication is the highest security mode of communications for your alarm because the signal reaches out to many paths and there are no 'off the shelf' ways of defeating it! Once these systems are set up they can not be kicked off the network with a blocking device.

Cellular telephone backup systems are similar to our radio backup systems only in that they are both wireless. Today's cellular telephone backups use the data channel of the system not the digital voice channels your cell phone uses. Under normal conditions this method of communications will do the job quite nicely until there is a local disaster and all cellular channels are diverted to emergency agencies in your area or more importantly a criminal wanting to enter your house uses a "cell phone blockers" to stop your alarm system from calling the police.

Another consideration to using a cell phone system is the extra expense incurred to the cellular provider. Make sure you select a plan that fits your budget because overages are more like $3.50 per minute NOT 35 cents

LOOKING FOR "TOTAL CONNECT REMOTE SERVICES"? You can get it here. We install and recommend Honeywell protection systems.


Professional Grade Digital Video Recording.

Professional Network Video Recording and Hybrid Systems, Everything you need to complete your Video Surveillance System.

Prices are affordable even for top models.

The very best in IP video technology, 3-7MP available and 4MP being the most common and reasonably priced. Use of a professional NVR is required for all 5MP and higher camera systems.

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False Alarm - Talk to the Central Station Operator. Need Help with system operation- PLS Leave a Message.

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